Coordinators: Ross & Daria Lamkin

This ministry will give you a sure foundation in such areas as, developing a prayer life, applying God's Word and many other important areas. New member care is a priority to us and this ministry ensures that every believer get connected here at Calvary. You can contact us with any questions concerning this ministry and it's classes by phone at (502) 366-4308 or via email at cacrevruss@yahoo.com.


In our Spiritual Development Series, you will receive the strong foundation necessary to live an overcoming life. These studies are offered in your home or or the church at a convenient time for you.

Home Bible Studies
• Into His Marvelous Light
• Seven Steps of Salvation

Church Courses
These courses are offered at the church on Sunday mornings at 9:30-10:30 AM. Certificates of completion will be given to each student upon graduation. Refreshments will be served and class will be released into the main sanctuary to partake in the morning message.

101 Seven Steps to Salvation
An in-depth Bible study on the seven essentials of salvation: Grace, Faith, Confession, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost and Endurance.

201 Bible Basics
Graduates of Class 101 are encouraged to join this 8 week study new believers course covering the highlights of the Bible.

301 Christian Living
201 Graduates are encouraged to continue on in this 7 week study in mastering the spiritual disciplines of prayer, God's Word, Worship, Stewardship, Church Family and The Pastor's Role.

*401 Understanding Biblical Holiness
Graduates of 301 are then encouraged to join this in-depth study. It will cover practical holiness and how it affects our daily living.

* Denotes Classes Necessary for Membership, Leadership Positions and Ministry Involvement

Outreach Services:

Outreach Directors: Jesse and Christy Thomas

Guest Follow Up
Street Evangelism
Bible Study Coordinator