God is doing great things in Haiti and we are so grateful to be sponsoring this precious work! Since our first involvement in the area, God has opened doors and we've seen more than 1000 souls baptized in the saving name of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost. Of those, 60 were local pastors. Out of those 60 local pastors, 13 of them returned to their churches and baptized their entire congregations in the name of Jesus! This is just the beginning of what God has in store for Haiti! Please take a moment to read the open letter below from our missionaries on the ground in Haiti.


In May of 2007, I left Ford Motor Company Louisville Assembly Plant and headed home. Never again would I return there as an “active employee.” I had completed 30 years of employment at Ford~Thirty years! My wife, Debbie and I went home after my retirement recognition dinner to 17 acres of “wooded-bliss,” in the south-western part of Jefferson County, KY. Our children and many of our friends and family considered our home the perfect retirement setting. Secluded & cozy, with deer wandering around. A nice pond in front of our house stocked with largemouth bass, catfish and blue gill. All right there, just waiting to join us for dinner! With all three of our children grown, married and taking care of families of their own, Debbie and I could begin to really settle in and be comfortable in our little heaven on earth! But, not too long after my retirement, an opportunity for me to visit Haiti became available. And, in March of 2008 I made my first trip to Haiti. I returned again in November 2008 with my wife Debbie. And then made a few more trips over the next 3 years culminating in 2011 with the sale of our home and much of our personal property and moving to Haiti to live & minister to the people in Haiti.

Because of our experiences and relationships with the Haitian people Debbie and I decided to form a non-profit humanitarian organization before moving to Haiti. Along with several friends who have bought into our vision we have established Hope Source International, Inc. (HSI).

As you well know we cannot reach our goals alone. We need the support of the community. We need the financial backing of friends & family, small and large businesses, corporations, and any others who may share the brightness of our vision.

We are dedicated to reaching out not only to those we can help in Haiti, but in fact to all those around the world. Our hope is that one day there will be a world where everyone has good water to drink, no one has to be hungry, endure the hardships of poverty, or suffer the ridicule of prejudices. HSI has set goals that may seem unrealistic to some, but with people like you helping us accomplish these goals it will be possible.

Our work now is focused in Haiti. And we hope that by working with people who are willing to grasp hold of our vision we can one day lengthen our reach to other areas of our wonderful world.

Will you join us? Helping people is a wonderful way to travel through life!

Andy & Debbie Roemer ~ Missionaries to Haiti