WELCOMETo Our Church

we are a dynamic, apostolic pentecostal church located in the beautiful city of louisville, kentucky.

We believe this Apostolic Faith has reached around the world, because it is contagious by design. This Gospel message has always been more caught than taught and it is meant to be felt as much as being heard. Contagious by design it started with 12 disciples and then 50 days later on Pentecost it grew to 120. In one more days time 3000 souls were added and then in a matter of days 5000 more, proving it to be highly contagious.

Like a fevered contagion this Gospel message was designed to spread from person to person. The members of CAC are embracing the call in 2013 to “BE CONTAGIOUS.” To make this happen we are determined more than ever to “BE THE GOOD NEWS, BEFORE WE SHARE THE GOOD NEWS.

We invite you to come experience the Power of Pentecost!



The purpose of Calvary Apostolic Church is to be on fire and contagious with the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ spreading truth to the entire city of Louisville and surrounding areas. Our desire is to reach our city by any means possible and to grow infectious disciples who will in turn spread the gospel to others.


the sanctuary

Our church has been serving the Louisville area at our current location for 55 years. God has blessed us with an amazing facility that is now 16,900 square feet.

Through the years, God has been so faithful! We have expanded and renovated until we now have a beautiful 450 seat auditorium in which to enjoy the presence of God. Greater things are yet to be done in our city and we are believing God to help us outgrow our current sanctuary!

the nursery

Our church has been blessed with a beautiful nursery for our little ones ages 0-36 months.

The nursery is open during regularly scheduled services. Upon arrival, please ask an usher or greeter for assistance in locating the nursery if you are unsure where to check in your child.


The young people at Calvary have an amazing youth friendly environment for fellowship and youth services.

Visit our event pages for more information on special youth services and functions.

YOUcan expect


When you arrive at Calvary Apostolic, you will be greeted by a friendly smiling face.


You will be able to engage in passionate worship in a safe, friendly environment complete with a nursery for little ones.


You will hear from heaven through the powerful yet practical preaching and teaching of God's Word.


After six years being barren, I received prayer and later became pregnant. Five months into the pregnancy, I went into early labor. Again, we prayed and God stopped my labor. Four months later, I delivered a healthy baby girl!

~ Carol U.

As a young man, I felt God begin to tug on my heartstrings prior to leaving to serve in Vietnam. I resisted God's pull but my soon to be wife and mother in law to be held me up in prayer. conviction began to take hold in my heart. I began to turn away from my sinful ways. Soon after, I was injured and flown back to the U.S. my medical transport and airlifted to Louisville where my walk with God began to take deepen. Soon after, I saw on the evening news that my bunker in Vietnam was totally destroyed by enemy shells jut two days after I headed home. Thank God I couldn't outrun the mercy of God!

~ Tommy H.

Years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare sickness. I was told there was no cure and that the disease would spread to my vital organs and rupture resulting in severe malnutrition and eventually death. I received prayer several times and God began to deal with me about praising Him in advance for healing. I began to do just that and received a clean bill of health during my next doctor's visit. I am now 76 years old. Praise God!

~ Marguerite H.